2024 Toronto Blue Jays Schedule

Here’s a look at the Jays’ schedule

Toronto Blue Jays

The Blue Jays’ regular season began on Thursday, March 28th, 2024, with a game against the Tampa Bay Rays. The Blue Jays will wrap up the regular season on Sunday, September 29th, 2024, against the Miami Marlins.

What channel is the Blue Jays game on?

The Toronto Blue Jays games are broadcast on Sportsnet, Sportsnet+, FOX, FS1, ESPN, TBS, Apple TV+, and MLB Network.

2024 Blue Jays Schedule

June, 2024

Jun 17 Boston7:07 PMSportsnet
Jun 18 Boston7:07 PMSportsnet
Jun 19 Boston7:07 PMSportsnet
Jun 21 at Cleveland7:10 PMSportsnet
Jun 22 at Cleveland4:10 PMSportsnet
Jun 23 at Cleveland1:40 PMSportsnet
Jun 24 at Boston7:10 PMSportsnet
Jun 25 at Boston7:10 PMSportsnet
Jun 26 at Boston7:10 PMSportsnet
Jun 27 NY Yankees7:07 PMSportsnet
Jun 28 NY Yankees7:07 PMSportsnet
Jun 29 NY Yankees3:07 PMSportsnet
Jun 30 NY Yankees1:37 PMSportsnet

July, 2024

Jul 1 Houston3:07 PMSportsnet
Jul 2 Houston7:07 PMSportsnet
Jul 3 Houston7:07 PMSportsnet
Jul 4 Houston1:07 PMSportsnet
Jul 5 at Seattle9:40 PMSportsnet
Jul 6 at Seattle4:10 PMSportsnet
Jul 7 at Seattle4:10 PMSportsnet
Jul 9 at San Francisco9:45 PMSportsnet
Jul 10 at San Francisco9:45 PMSportsnet
Jul 11 at San Francisco3:45 PMSportsnet
Jul 12 at Arizona9:40 PMSportsnet
Jul 13 at Arizona10:10 PMSportsnet
Jul 14 at Arizona4:10 PMSportsnet
Jul 19 Detroit7:07 PMSportsnet
Jul 20 Detroit3:07 PMSportsnet
Jul 21 Detroit1:37 PMSportsnet
Jul 23 Tampa Bay7:07 PMSportsnet
Jul 24 Tampa Bay7:07 PMSportsnet
Jul 25 Tampa Bay3:07 PMSportsnet
Jul 26 Texas7:07 PMSportsnet
Jul 27 Texas3:07 PMSportsnet
Jul 28 Texas1:37 PMSportsnet
Jul 29 at Baltimore3:05 PMSportsnet
Jul 29 at Baltimore6:35 PMSportsnet
Jul 30 at Baltimore6:35 PMSportsnet
Jul 31 at Baltimore12:35 PMSportsnet

August, 2024

Aug 2 at NY Yankees7:05 PMSportsnet
Aug 3 at NY Yankees1:05 PMSportsnet
Aug 4 at NY Yankees1:35 PMSportsnet
Aug 6 Baltimore7:07 PMSportsnet
Aug 7 Baltimore7:07 PMSportsnet
Aug 8 Baltimore7:07 PMSportsnet
Aug 9 Oakland7:07 PMSportsnet
Aug 10 Oakland3:07 PMSportsnet
Aug 11 Oakland1:37 PMSportsnet
Aug 12 at LA Angels9:38 PMSportsnet
Aug 13 at LA Angels9:38 PMSportsnet
Aug 14 at LA Angels9:38 PMSportsnet
Aug 16 at Chi. Cubs2:20 PMSportsnet
Aug 17 at Chi. Cubs2:20 PMSportsnet
Aug 18 at Chi. Cubs2:20 PMSportsnet
Aug 19 Cincinnati7:07 PMSportsnet
Aug 20 Cincinnati7:07 PMSportsnet
Aug 21 Cincinnati7:07 PMSportsnet
Aug 22 LA Angels7:07 PMSportsnet
Aug 23 LA Angels7:07 PMSportsnet
Aug 24 LA Angels3:07 PMSportsnet
Aug 25 LA Angels1:37 PMSportsnet
Aug 26 at Boston7:10 PMSportsnet
Aug 27 at Boston7:10 PMSportsnet
Aug 28 at Boston7:10 PMSportsnet
Aug 29 at Boston7:10 PMSportsnet
Aug 30 at Minnesota8:10 PMSportsnet
Aug 31 at Minnesota7:10 PMSportsnet

September, 2024

Sep 1 at Minnesota2:10 PMSportsnet
Sep 3 Philadelphia7:07 PMSportsnet
Sep 4 Philadelphia3:07 PMSportsnet
Sep 6 at Atlanta7:20 PMSportsnet
Sep 7 at Atlanta7:20 PMSportsnet
Sep 8 at Atlanta1:35 PMSportsnet
Sep 9 NY Mets7:07 PMSportsnet
Sep 10 NY Mets7:07 PMSportsnet
Sep 11 NY Mets3:07 PMSportsnet
Sep 13 St. Louis7:07 PMSportsnet
Sep 14 St. Louis3:07 PMSportsnet
Sep 15 St. Louis1:37 PMSportsnet
Sep 17 at Texas8:05 PMSportsnet
Sep 18 at Texas8:05 PMSportsnet
Sep 19 at Texas2:35 PMSportsnet
Sep 20 at Tampa Bay6:50 PMSportsnet
Sep 21 at Tampa Bay4:10 PMSportsnet
Sep 22 at Tampa Bay1:40 PMSportsnet
Sep 23 Boston7:07 PMSportsnet
Sep 24 Boston7:07 PMSportsnet
Sep 25 Boston7:07 PMSportsnet
Sep 27 Miami7:07 PMSportsnet
Sep 28 Miami3:07 PMSportsnet
Sep 29 Miami3:07 PMSportsnet

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