2024 Vancouver Whitecaps FC Schedule

The Whitecaps FC MLS regular season will begin on March 1, 2024, with a game against the Charlotte FC. The Whitecaps FC will play their last regular season on October 19, 2024, against the Real Salt Lake.

What channel is the Whitecaps FC game on?

The Whitecaps FC games are exclusively broadcast on FOX Sports, FS1, TSN, Fox Deportes, and MLS Season Pass on Apple TV+.

Whitecaps FC Schedule (2024)

March, 2024

vs. CharlotteFri, Mar 1TBDApple TV
@ EarthquakesSat, Mar 97:30 PMApple TV
@ DallasSat, Mar 165:30 PMApple TV
vs. Salt LakeFri, Mar 22TBDApple TV
vs. PortlandFri, Mar 29TBDApple TV

April, 2024

vs. TorontoFri, Apr 5TBDApple TV
vs. GalaxyFri, Apr 12TBDApple TV
@ SoundersSat, Apr 207:30 PMApple TV
@ New YorkSat, Apr 274:30 PMApple TV

May, 2024

vs. AustinFri, May 3TBDApple TV
@ Los AngelesSat, May 117:30 PMApple TV
@ ColoradoWed, May 156:30 PMApple TV
@ SoundersSat, May 187:30 PMApple TV
vs. Inter MiamiFri, May 24TBDApple TV
@ Sporting KCWed, May 295:30 PMApple TV
vs. ColoradoFri, May 31TBDApple TV

June, 2024

@ New EnglandSat, Jun 154:30 PMApple TV
@ PortlandSat, Jun 227:30 PMApple TV
vs. St. LouisFri, Jun 28TBDApple TV

July, 2024

@ MinnesotaWed, Jul 35:30 PMApple TV
@ MontréalSat, Jul 64:30 PMApple TV
@ St. LouisSat, Jul 135:30 PMApple TV
vs. Sporting KCWed, Jul 177:30 PMApple TV
vs. HoustonFri, Jul 19TBDApple TV

August, 2024

vs. Los AngelesFri, Aug 23TBDApple TV
@ AustinSat, Aug 315:30 PMApple TV

September, 2024

vs. DallasFri, Sep 6TBDApple TV
vs. EarthquakesFri, Sep 13TBDApple TV
@ HoustonWed, Sep 185:30 PMApple TV
@ GalaxySat, Sep 217:30 PMApple TV
vs. PortlandFri, Sep 27TBDApple TV

October, 2024

vs. SoundersWed, Oct 27:30 PMApple TV
vs. MinnesotaFri, Oct 4TBDApple TV
@ Salt LakeSat, Oct 196:00 PMApple TV

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